76/365 My space in a Maze

There are feelings that are tough to explain in words. I have such incidents at times. It is weird but I will try to explain it here. or attempt to put it in words.

There are certain parts of my life that is more like a maze and I sometimes wonder where my space in it is. We all thrive in niches but we also get fascinated by the opportunities to grow beyond our niche and in the process we lose our space. Not sure if that makes any sense to you.

My take is that the question of value creation takes me on these weird trips with respect to everything I do. And it pins me onto big walls from where I cannot move. It is more like you losing your space in a maze but you are still in it. It is a weird feeling is all I can say.

The solution may be to step back and think. Look at the maze from above and see what is happening. It is not easy but it is important. And when you figure out something you will have to make decisions.. And with decisions, you will either be happy or not. Either way you will have to live with it once you take it. Yes some decisions you can reverse.

I am not sure if I am making a lot of sense. If not then that is exactly what is happening. As I said it is tough to explain. Just for a moment imagine that you have a space in a huge maze and you think you own it and then it shrinks and becomes non-existent but you are still in the Maze. You are forced to be in a place you have no value to add.

I know I am probably repeating myself. Let me try to explain differently. There is a confusion that springs from you wanting to do your best and you are lost because you can’t find a way to be your best. Like you get exhausted of all the lifelines in a game and now it is between you and the brutal facts. There is no escape and you have to fight your way out without losing your energy and hope and perspectives. Or may be completely transform that you cannot recognize yourself.

Weird… yes… So this is what I am planning in the month of September. Review the Maze.. which is my life…. Evaluate my space and the various niches where I exist and then make decisions that will include trade-offs. So after that I will know what part of me will remain and what part will not….

Now you understand what happens when you lose your space in the Maze. You start talking Gibberish.. But it makes a lot of sense to me. Ultimately that is what matters when you navigate the maze called life right?

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