78/365 Why Should We Create

There is the creator economy. I am not sure if it is for everyone, but I think everyone should create. Becoming a Creator is not about having a million followers. It is much more personal and valuable than that.

I have been creating content in the sense of the word since 2005 with this blog, which was back then on blogspot and then moved to WordPress. And I don’t make money from this blog, Have never made. But I also do videos and podcasts. Yes I have made a small Ad revenue from there, but again not significant. If I equate the money made to time spend it will never make sense. But then Why should we create?

Content Creation is an expression of our idea. In today’s world we can be a creator or a consumer. And I agree everyone might not be inclined to create. And that is ok. But my recommendation is everyone should try to create…. at least once….

You might have something that you love, that you spend time on. Books, movies, sports, politics, philosophy, productivity, art… anything where you have an above average knowledge. You can use that to build a personal brand and a digital space that is truly yours. You don’t need a million people following you to make you feel accomplished and valuable.

Your content will always be valuable to a set of people and even if you have a million people following you, only for this set of people will it make any difference. So million is not the sign of the value being created consistently. This is also a great way for you to put your ideas out and get conversations and feedback that will in fact feed your own learning process.

I strongly feel content creation should be taught in schools just like Agile Thinking. That said the simple answer to why should we create is this. “Because we can and it has value and as kids we were all creators”

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