79/365 Conversations & Learnings

There was a time in the past when even short durations could fit in large and meaningful conversations that hang around in your mind even after it is ended. They open up spaces inside us where we can fill in new knowledge and even use that to unlearn some of the things we already know.

The pick up and drop off I do for my new high schooler gives me around 45 minutes. Even there we have podcasts and phone getting in between, but there are also things we talk about.

So a few days back my son told me that they were planning a play and he was thinking about it, but decided no as the time commitment was too much. So he had decided to not go for the audition. I thought that was not the right approach, but before that I wanted to think what should me my approach.

So we used these short trips to talk about it. In fact we had moved into a new school just because it had an excellent Arts program and he loved it. But as soon as he got into high school he had developed this idea that High School will be tough and you will have time for nothing. That was his rationale of not going for the Audition. Also he might have thought that as a 9th grader.. he might not have a chance.

Anyway we spoke about passion… we spoke about why we were in the school in the first place.. we spoke about time management… we spoke about homework… we spoke about grades… The point was simple.. we will never have time to do what we love after finishing everything we are supposed to do. Some people wait a whole lifetime to do what they want and then regret. That is the person we don’t want to be.

Time.. how we use it matters… so anyway it was the last day and he was not sure if he can apply now but he decides to put in the application. We had a conversation. “There are two possibilities you might be able to do the Audition or they might say you are late. Either way we will learn that don’t leave passion or anything to the last moment, no one has the time to wait for us and it is not fair to make them wait”

He gets chance for the Audition and by the time he was going, he was overjoyed and excited and worried if he might get a part or not. Again we had a conversation “So there are two possibilities, you might get selected, or you might not.. but either was you participated and you tried and you learned a bit”

He gets auditioned and also chance to play a major character in the play. And now our discussion is on how do we handle time, because he has practice till 6:30 PM every day. We will find a way for that too.

And to add, he also teaches me a lot.. will speak about that soon.

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