80/365 How about learning something New

I keep talking about continuous learning, but then when someone asks me what are you learning, I might have to think. Do books I read count? Does Articles I read count? What about conversations? Videos.. movies?.. just work…?

Learning needs a structure I agree and so I am thinking I should pick a topic for a month and then delve deep into it. Use all forms of learning that I like to make a small understanding about that.

This can be a topic that I have some idea about or may be a totally new thing. It can be related to my work or not. It does not matter. This is one way to do it I guess. But the challenge is I get bored of things when I don’t see an immediate result or intention to use. But that is me. I have a hard time learning something without being convinced of the intention to use that learning somewhere.

The other option is to do focussed reading daily to reproduce that in some form of content. This need not be a daily content but even if we do not use the learning we can reproduce the learning in some form or other. This for me might work.

The point I want to make is, I think I am feeling that my learning needs a bit more structure and polish. Yes it is all falling in place but there is repetitions and a sense of stuffiness at times. Need to work on that.

Do I have a clear plan on how to deal with it. Nope… I don’t blog after having the plan… I blog to arrive at a plan. But I have identified that a problem exists. The solution will follow.

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  1. Oh yeah, I believe that learning means applying said knowledge instead of just memorising something or reading about it. It seems like you’re putting all this into practice with your plan on learning, so I’m excited to see how your learning journey goes!

  2. Learning has many definitions and you can justify the need for a structure. As a seasoned educator my favourite definition is the following: “an external interaction process between the learner and his or her social,
    cultural or material environment, and an internal psychological process of acquisition and
    elaboration” (Illeris, 2003, p. 298). So, as you can see, this goes way beyond memorizing, because the “elaboration” part means that you can use what you have learned and you can explain it to someone else with plain, simple language. Usually when this level of competence is achieved, what we have learned has become a part of our permanent knowledge structure. (To bore you with edu-jargon this means that you have accommodated your existing knowledge to include this new information.) Just remember to enjoy your learning!


    Illeris, K. (2003). Toward a contemporary and comprehensive theory of learning. International
    Journal of Lifelong Education, 22(4), 396-406. doi:10.1080/0260137032000094814

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