81/365 Can some types of cheating be OK?

So cheating is bad… But can some cheating be ok. Now don’t start thinking about all the kind of cheating you have done in life. Because we use the word cheating in a lot of different ways. As of now I am cheating.

I started this project 80 days back and the plan is to write daily. But this is not written today, but yesterday as Sunday I am out fishing. So is all cheating bad?

I think it depends on what you are cheating about and why? We live in a pretty complex world where you cannot make blanket statements about many things. Cheating can have both known and unknown reasons. Cheating is an act which is rationalized at some point but cannot be at other points.

In this case, it does not matter as no one is impacted. But sometimes our cheating can impact others. How do we know that? Can we even know that we are cheating. I have heard people say that some folks do things because they think it perfectly ok.

For example if we have borrowed money from someone and have not returned it and repeatedly forget when asked it is a form of cheating in a way. But imagine if it is a book that we borrowed. Fundamentally both are things that were not ours and we have taken it from someone and not returning.

But we find book to be less of a problem than money. Even if the money is $20 and book costs $40 or sometimes a signed copy, that for you might be priceless. Or a book your late father presented you on your 10th birthday.

As human beings I think we all have our perspectives about cheating. May be we should focus on the impact. Even then we might think a $40 book has less impact than a $10 bill. But the moment we realize about the book being a late dad’s present or signed copy, we can understand that the impact is more.

What do you think? Put a comment and let me know. And I think I slide this cheating through the Maze…

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  1. Really it is thought provoking and during the course of our life we might have end up doing it intentionally or sometimes without any illwill.

    With Regards P Kesavan Nair

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