82/365 I went fishing and became Tired

Some days you are very tired and you have valid reasons for it. For me when I get tired like that, it also kind of stops my energy in many things including writing this blog. But then some activities have to be done to get the tiredness behind.

I am tired for a reason. I went deep seas fishing on Sunday. Started form home around 4:15 AM and reached Marina at 5:30 AM and started sailing around 6AM. This was my first time and I get seasick pretty fast.

I used a prescription patch and also two tablets to fight the seasickness. It worked till a point but then towards the end it had worn off. I had once incident but then felt so drowsy from the tablets. On top of it I had to stand up most time. It was a small boat with us 8 people and the captain.

It was fun, don’t feel otherwise. We did catch some good fish too. We sailed till 1PM and then got back. I was home by 6.00.. wrapped and stored my share of fish in the freezer, took a shower and hit the bed. I don’t remember a thing and got back today morning. Poor legs ache, may be due to the standing and balancing and holding the rod. Today will be like this. Don’t have a very busy day at office Thankfully.

When you have a long sleep you should wake up energized. But if there is body aches, you are still at mercy of that tiredness. I think it is more psychological as well, because I feel a bit better finishing this writing. May be small accomplishments make you push things away and forge ahead in a small way.

You might be wondering what the catch was. Well we got one Salmon and around 70 Rock Cod.

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