83/365 Can I Contradict Myself

I feel like saying something today. tomorrow I might change my stand and people might say you are contradicting your past stand. In a world where contradiction is seen as a very bad thing… is it ok for people to contradict what they say?

Contradiction means ‘deny the truth of (a statement) by asserting the opposite”. But what is Truth and according to whom? Aren’t people who THINK always in conflict on many things they think. How can you think and progress if you do not oppose or question your own stand and thoughts?

I guess sometimes contradiction is seen as a lack of that depth in knowledge. It is not like changing the opinion after some time has passed. Some people contradict their own stand in one conversation.

I guess people want to be sure all the time and don’t want to be seen as doubtful. But doubtful is ok. One cannot be sure of everything they take a stand on. Sometimes you take a stand like keeping that foot in a direction to start moving and then we learn and we change course or keep the same course.

I think I have contradicted many times and most time it has been because I took a strong stand without doing the needed leg work and thinking and it is purely my fault. Other times it has been deliberate and I have changed my opinion. Sometimes this happens in the same conversation itself, when you realize that your point of view initially was not right. You shift, you change…

When that happens you have two choices, stick to what you said earlier or change. Change and accepting you are wrong is not easy. But that is the right thing to do. That said you should not succumb to the pressure because of the might on the other side of the argument.

Just like anything else, analyze your contradictions and try to understand why? What did you not know when you took a stand first. What did you learn new when you changed the stand now. If you cannot answer that, then there is an issue probably. If contradiction is deliberate I think it makes sense, because you know it. But if it happens without you realizing, then it is time to rethink and get your thoughts together. You are not ready yet…

We all work with our limited knowledge and yet we want to look like we are pretty sure about what we say. It is interesting..

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