84/365 Can’t share food anymore

I grew up sharing food with my classmates and continued to do that while I was working. Till I came to US and figured people have their own dietary restrictions. Even then we had our small group that will sit together and share and eat. And yes this was when we used to go to the offices. But now it looks like sharing our food in school and offices have all ended.

Today as I was driving Rahi to school I asked him how the last two weeks of school have been and what was changing. As he was thinking about it, I asked him what are those things that he cannot do now unlike before.

He said the smile is missing due to the mask covering the face. And he is always smiling. The other day we had an online back to school event and we were watching the screen and when he saw his english teacher speak he said “This is the first time I am seeing his mouth” That is when it struck me how we start noticing these small things. How important is it for us to see a smile and even read the lips even when we can hear people speak.

Then he said that before they used to share their food with each other and now they cannot. He did not say that as a big problem, but something that has changed. And as we spoke I was thinking that sharing food at school or office are both not that hygienic after all… who knows what we transmit. But then we never bothered as it was all part of the way we are as human beings.. the way we have evolved and survived.

Will the pandemic change that? Will we be become more distanced…. may be we have already been… May be we will find new and better more hygienic ways to share and care. Will we lose our closeness… may be yes.. physically.. but I think our mental faculty will help us find ways to improve our psychological closeness.

This is not the end of the road anyway… we will move ahead and keep ourselves together as a community.. may be things will change but we will find new ways to keep our humanness intact.

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