87/365 Starting from Zero is the fun

I have had several instances in life where I have had to start from scratch. It did not feel that great always. But recently I heard this phrase “Starting from Zero is the fun”. And that got me thinking, why would it be fun?

I think there can be fun for some people but not all but it can look a lot of fun most times when we look back in time. Let us try to break that statement a bit and look at some interesting aspects.

One is a thought that when we start something from zero, we only have to go forward and gain… but I have also started at zero and gone way negative.. that is how real world works at times I guess. I am not delving into the reasons because going backwards can be due to a lot of factors…. but the negative is an effect and while starting from zero you never think of the negative effects. Everything seems hopeful and inspiring. So yes…Starting from Zero is the fun in a way.. the start I mean…

Now when you start something.. the time might also matter.. Are you starting when you have ample time or are you starting at a time when you don’t think you are running out of time. Time is a critical factor here. May be we should also be comfortable with the sense of time we have. One way to do that is keeping in mind that the journey is the real fruit. In a way yes. Everything you start from Zero is an experience that will only be positive in terms of your learnings.

What you are doing also matters. Are you doing a hobby or are you doing something to survive. Why does that matter, we might think… because fundamentally we are survivors and not Hobbyists. Once that is clear we can see what seems fun and what is not.

On a final note I would think that we all should start from zero.. not just once but more and more time. The energy that you get when you start from zero… the feeling of being alive that comes in with counting up is amazing. It does not matter what you are starting or what your age is… starting something from zero makes you more equipped to meet the world ahead.

We all stop moving ahead when we stop doing something. But in order to gather the energy and motivation at many times in life we have to start on a fresh slate… start new.. start from zero… All the best !

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