89/365 Staying Healthy | Part-1 | Weight loss

Having some physical activity everyday or at least 3 to 5 days a week is what we hear people say. And there are people who do it and those who don’t. Those who do it also have their own routines and what they consider as their type of physical activity and how strenuous it should be. And then people do it for fun and not so fun. Even our goals for doing it are not necessarily the same. And that is not all there are habits, diets, weight loss and a lot more.

Today I decided that I will do a series of sessions on Staying Healthy. Not that I am any expert in the field, but have had my bit of struggles and success over the years and still learning. Why not have that into the journal of an Active Learner.

I don’t consider myself as someone who has taken care of my body well, be it eating habits or other habits that may harm the body in anyway. Though I have over time been able to kick off some of the most severe bad habits I picked up in my young age. All have probably accounted for the weight gain and unhealthiness over the years. That said I have on and off had an exercise routine that has also evolved over the years. Today I just want to share my battles with weight loss.

I started putting on weight when may be when I was in 5th grade. Living in Dubai, no friends, staying indoor most time watching TV and yes.. eating a lot and having a lot of sugary drinks. You get it…

Sometime in my 7th grade is when I first became conscious about it and got introduced to some physical activity. I was put into some Karate and later some Taekwondo. I did that for a few years… nothing serious… but it made my body a lot flexible and I still reap benefits of that today.

But I remained overweight throughout my life. And due to this there were these spurs of ‘let’s start doing something’ moments that resulted in a few weeks of regular gym or exercise routines. Nothing lasted for long.. it stopped and then returned with the next spur.

My college days were probably my most unhealthy.. I completely stopped all physical activities. I even stopped playing whatever little sports I did before. So I guess for around 8-9 years from my 16 to 25 years, I just did not do any routine exercise. I could not take even one pushup back then. Picked up all the habits which I struggled to kick off later in life.

At age 25 is when they detected I had high cholesterol. That resulted in an awakening followed by two months of regular exercise which resulted in some weight loss for the first time in my life. Since then the idea that you need to lose weight has been in the back of mind. But again this resulted in some form of physical exercise here and there, again not regularly.

From then to now I have gained weight. I think in the past 25 years I might have gained around 65 Pounds and was at a 235 Pounds at my highest somewhere in 2015. I have tried most diets and routines but did not stick to anything for long.

Even with exercise, the diet and habits never changed and the Pounds got added regularly. But in the last 6 years I have become more regular and now down to 198 pounds from the 235 Pounds and the target is to be 160 pounds over the next year or two.

37 Pounds in 6 years is not that huge, but the good part is that I have not gained any extra pounds in last 6 years and in fact only lost it. This could have been much better if I could have observed a better diet. I did not sadly.

But last year and a half since the Pandemic was when the routine really kicked in and I think I lost over 12 pounds during this time. I will attribute that also to the fact that food was more in control. No eating out to be precise and it was all home cooked meals even on weekends.

What happened over these years is that from not being able to do 1 pushup in my twenties I topped a 50 pushup daily regiment before I hit the age of 50 this year. So change can happen. And I felt proud of it.

How did I do that. More on it tomorrow. and every day for next few days we will cover exercise, what I am able to do, what I cannot do, what learnings I have had, the timings, the process, what I look forward in next 2 years time and what I follow now and so on… Stay Healthy all of you !!!

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