90/365 Staying Healthy | Part-2 | Pushups

There are things we thought we could never do in our life and then we start doing it. We feel good… We also start translating that to other things in life. Things move on…

When I was a kid, in order to give me company, my dad also joined me for Karate. He was probably in his 30s back then. We used to have these tests where we are made to do as a group several Karate moves and exercises. One was Pushup. My dad was able to do Pushups properly, but not me… I was 10 years then and that is understandable. I think a pushup is tough for a 10 year old

Fast Forward a few years and I am 18 or 19 and doing my engineering at REC Calicut…. Now the National Institute of technology in Kozhikode. We had a Gym and my friend used to be the Gym secretary. I was this fat guy who was totally unhealthy.. a chain smoker and so on. My friend asked me to join the Gym.

On the first day he asked me to do a few pushups and as he saw me struggling he figured out how bad it was. He started helping me and we tried that for a few days and then when it did not work I quit going to Gym…. The friendship is still going strong..

Fast Forward a few more years and I am around 30-31. I had just moved to the US and living in Reston in Virginia. I join a near by Gym and start taking weights along with some Cardio. No Pushups though… For the past several years one thing I never attempt is pushups.

After a few weeks I decided to try a pushup. I figured I was able to go beyond just weirdly shaking my head… my hand bent a bit and it looked more like a pushup in some way of form than I ever thought I could. I added pushup to my routine.

Fast forward a few years it was 2014. I wanted to see how many pushups I could take in one attempt. I was able to clock it at 10 and then 15 and finally 25. Not bad.. I was 45 years then.

Fast forward to 2021. I was turning 50 in May… Let us target 50 pushups in one attempt.. that was the New Year resolution… Started doing it regularly and started doing 50 pushups daily but in two attempts and then one day I decided to go for the 50 in one go.. And I was able to… But… But…

But… at the end of it I suddenly started feeling dizzy and I figured out one thing.. there is no point pushing oneself beyond a limit. Need to be more easy on myself. On top of that I also started having shoulder pains while doing Chest Presses and Pushups. So I have now kind of moved it out of my daily routine. I will talk on my daily routine tomorrow.

Don’t think I am some fitness freak.. and an expert in these things…. Just another guy who is overweight and has an excess of around 40 pounds. Still obese. But the point I want to make is that a lot of what we can do is practice and consistency. And also be careful when you push yourself beyond.. get help and advice from people in the field. I had taken help from a coach a few years back to get my form ready…

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