93/365 What will Healthy mean to me 2 years from now?

There are generic ideas of what healthy can mean. But in my opinion what it means at age 20 or age 50 and what it means at age 90 can be different. But I think the best would be to start thinking of what would being healthy mean for me 2 years from now. And a two year mark is a good goal irrespective of what your age is.

I say this assuming nothing drastic happens and you just can work on your idea of healthy in a ok world. There is always some unknown lurking around what is currently unseen… but we will deal with that when it comes. What I am interested in in the things that guide you to moving towards them. These are probably things I aspire to do in the near future. And with any aspirations, some of them I might be able to do…. some I might not.

First let me start with a few things I cannot do right now, some of which I was able to do before. I was always pretty flexible and I could stand and bend over and touch the ground with my palm without my legs bending. I cannot do it now. I used to be able to sit with my legs stretched in the front of me and touch my knees with my head. In fact even lay my face in my lap. This also I cannot do now…. in fact I am so far away from doing it The flexibility that I once had has considerable reduced over time.

I would really love to be able to get back and do this and so practicing that and getting the body to be more flexible would be a good goal to target.

I have never been able to do pull ups. The body weight has always been an issue. I am not sure if that is possible unless I lose a lot of weight and gain the needed strength on my arms and shoulder. With the pain that I keep getting, it might not be an easy thing to pursue. But let me consult with someone in the field and see if that is worth pursuing.

Running has always been a tough one for me… even jogging. This has to do with not being athletic as a kid and also the years of smoking I did before I quit and it has ruined my stamina and my lungs capacity. Even as a kid I was not much of a runner. I am not planning for any Marathon.. though I once dreamt of it. I would like to see if I can run for half hour… not stop. I need to try it. I remember practicing on a thread mill and I was able to jog for 20 minutes back then. Running on the ground is not the same. If I am possible to do that… it will be a great way to quickly put the shoes on and go for a jog and you can always find 1/2 hour for that.

I do take weights now, but I have learned that as we grow older we will lose muscle mass and would need to work on that. I usually build muscle mass without that difficulty and my previous attempts in Gym has proved that. So need to continue that in more rigor so I don’t lose out on it when I can.

So in the next two years this is what I am thinking…. can I.. run for half hour… may be jog at first and then run. Be flexible enough to do the feats I mentioned above.. And build up some muscles. Pull ups I am not sure.. but may be the other routine might enable me to do it…. let us see…

I am not looking at any 6 pack.. at least not at this time of my life. But reaching my ideal weight of 160 Pounds which is a close 40 pounds less than now in the next 2 years is achievable.. I think… if I really put my heart into it. So that is the target.

This kind of ends my Staying Healthy series.. Now instead of writing about it.. I should start working on it. Stay Healthy you all !!!

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