94/365 When you hear someone is no more

There are many people we know or have known or met in our life. Some people we never meet again. Some people we never know when they leave the world. And some people we learn have left us after some time. What do we feel when we learn someone is no more

Yesterday my newsfeed brought me the news of someone’s rememberance. The person had died in August and I had not known. The Person was Jack Hirschman, the famous poet from San Francisco. He was an American poet and social activist who wrote more than 100 volumes of poetry and essays.

Here is an interesting story of him. When he was 19, he sent a story to Ernest Hemingway, who responded: “I can’t help you, kid. You write better than I did when I was 19. But the hell of it is, you write like me. That is no sin. But you won’t get anywhere with it.” Hirschman left a copy of the letter with the Associated Press, and when Hemingway killed himself in 1961, the “Letter to a Young Writer” was distributed by the wire service and published all over the world.You can search more about jack on google and read his poems.

So why am I writing about Jack’s death. Because I have met Jack several times in the poetry scene in San Francisco. I think the first time I met Jack was during the International Poetry Festival in 2017. I also met Lawrence Ferlinghetti at the same event. And when you find out that someone you knew and met is no more, your mind responds to it in different ways. For me it was by getting back to writing a few lines…

I have not written poems for a while. When you check my blog you can see all that I have written very frequently before. I have also not read much poetry later while it was a major part if life for a long time. I missed myself and in a way felt lost. I wanted to write again.. And I wrote

you are lost
you find your way
you sit quiet… you listen
first the silence,
then in echoes of a lost voice
no words… just a rumbling…
you make a sound back
and you again listen…
how long should you wait..?
can you make out your sound
from the echoes you hear tomorrow..
maybe not… maybe never…
maybe…. after all…
you never found your way…
you were always lost…

RIP Jack… The few times we have met and the conversations I will always cherish… take care… For Poetry ! For Equality ! For the Humanness of the society !

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