We crossed 150 episodes and there is some good news.

This Podcasting exercise daily has been rollicking fun. When I started this and then when I decided to do this daily, I had no clue how long I will continue doing this daily. But to be honest it is really adding value to the way I view the world.

My last post was 16 days back and so I have done 16 episodes after that. The topics have been varied… From contradictions to cheating to tiredness to learning something new to my conversations with my son it has been a fun filled 2+ weeks.

Recently I wrapped up a 5 part series on Staying Healthy where I shared my thoughts on exercises, Diet, Routines and so on and a look at what I would consider healthy 2 years from now.

Now the good news is that I have been the listenership go up slowly. With regulars listening daily and one of the days I reached #14 in India on Self improvement Podcasts… and also I am climbing slowly on the Education chart… very happy and humbled to see that the journal of an Active Learner is being accepted.

I have been thinking if I should post every episode here, but then I think it does not make sense because I am writing the blog on vinodnarayan.com every day and so it would be a repetition doing that here. So I will keep this post to share my thoughts on the Podcast and how it is doing and also share any interesting thoughts.

I am still figuring a good way I could easily embed the audio here. One of the thing I saw was in Spotify it just drops some episodes out and is creating a bit of uneasiness. Check the image below.

You can see that they just did not get episode 153 and it is there in all platforms except Spotify.

I liked doing the Health Series. I will do more of such theme based ones later. If you have been listening, please do subscribe and also say to your friends and do leave a comment and stars if you think it is adding value for you.

Note: Subscribe and listen to the Penpositive Outclass Podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check it out and new episodes uploaded every day 4 AM Pacific Standard Time. Here is the latest Episode.

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