95/365 Distances from Prisons to marketplaces

Distance… How do we measure them… why do they exist? It denotes space… but we also need Time… We all have our ideas about distance. they are short or long… but they are so only if we connect them with time.. We believe that distances are supposed to be covered.. travelled… that is their real existence.

A distance does not matter to us if we are not planning to traverse it. right? The other day while reading an article or may be watching TV… I just cannot be sure.. I heard this statement that the distance from prisons to the market place can be so long… Here it is not the actual distance but the distance as seen by an inmate.

Usually going to the market should be easy.. easily covered… may be even walked to… but when it is an inmate who looks at it.. it should also include the time he or she will have to serve behind the walls of the prison.

So the same distance can mean different for different people. And again this is because we expect distances to be covered.. travelled… Now why am I talking about this today.. no particular reason… I was just thinking that even real physical artifacts and concepts have so many different ways to be looked at.

Imagine talking about going to the market and buying something. How long will that be depends on which side of the wall you are standing. I think in many ways…. in this world we are either inside the prison or outside and we keep communicating with one another.. we both think we are correct… we both might be wrong… but we both will be judged by the conventions of the society and it will continue… till conventions are broken… overthrown.. changed…

The interesting part is that based on how we perceive the world we can be in the prison or outside.. and when it comes to opinions we can never be really sure if we are free or imprisoned… so always a check seems like a good idea.

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