97/365 And the Dentist says ‘Smile Please’

Toothaches are one of the worst feelings. Well, all pain is bad and the worst is what we have experience right now. No I am not having a tooth ache but I went to see the dentist. And that too.. by accident…. how weird is that…

A few days back my wife gets a text that said Vinod has a dentist appointment on Sep 27 at 4PM. I went over and waited and then found out that it was not for me but for my son. His name is Rahi Vinod and they messaged with his last name which happens to be my first name. But then since I was there, they decided to check my file and found that the last time I came into their office was in 2018. So for 3 years I have not seen a dentist. How relatable… right?

They looked at my tooth and said two of them have to be taken care of. One we can do a crown and save… the other I have a choice to extraction or may be another crown. And a Crown costs you around 1100 dollars.. Half of that will be covered by the insurance and then the other half I have to bear. We decided we will put crown on one and then decide on the other later. Anyway they were not bothering me now.

As I was in the dentist office with my mouth wide open and the dentist was checking my gums. Quite an uncomfortable experience as always. My memories drifted to 2004 when I was in US without a dental insurance and I developed severe toothache. Going to a dentist at that time was too expensive and I was also planning to make a trip to India a month later. I remember holding on to that pain for a month as I did not have the money to see a dentist. It can be tough living in the US without a medical or dental insurance.

Anyway they checked my teeth and also found that I had done a deep cleaning way back in 2018 and I was supposed to return which I did not.. I forgot.. now next week they are going to numb it there and clean the shit out. Then they will take measurements and do the needful for the crown. At the end they will say smile please and I will give them a smile….. I think…

I am not that disciplined on my dental visits and the reason for that is I grew up always thinking that you go to a dentist only when you have a toothache… But the game is different now.. you have to go for regular cleaning and checkup…Thanks to the mixup.. I got back on track with my dental visits. Sometimes you need accidents and mixups that get you on track I guess.

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