98/365 An Active Learning Community

Active Learning is a process I define as a very engaging intentional focussed form of learning which then would manifest in such a way that every act of consumption will result in some form of learning. In my opinion this becomes ever more important in current times when mindless content consumption can drain us all the beauty of life and that content fatigue becomes a never ending process.

So how can Active Learning be structured. I run an Active learning community at penpositive.com and this is a question I keep asking to myself. Because I don’t have a structure to it and sometimes people might get confused as to why an Active learning community is not a structured learning.

That is because it is not a structured form of teaching. It is structured only for initiating self learning. It is not about teaching but sharing. It is not just about passive consumption, but active participation. It is not about one person giving gyan but people collaborating on what is not know, on confusions, on problems. Though my frequent posts there might look like I am spreading gyan… No.. I just try to keep the momentum there as people don’t always share that easily.

Since I am building this community outside the general social media networks, I have to also keep reminding myself and others that we don’t fall in that one trap… falling prey to the likes and comments one gets.

Yesterday I was thinking, how can a person joining Penpositive feel it is a waste? My take is that it will be a total waste for anyone if it is not adding value to their learning process.

Now there is a ton of unlearning that we need to do as well. When Fedrick Taylor’s methods were adopted from Ford Factories to School systems what we forgot is kids (Human beings) are not Model T cars that come out of an assembly line.. but individuals who can think for themselves and who have their own ways to perceive and react to the world. Who have their own unique skills and challenges… That they can also collaborate and the sum can be larger, more effective and impactful than the individual contributor.

So in an Active Learning Community we want it to evolve and be devoid of the concept of one size fits all… we are so tuned to that concept that we keep searching for it.. we are lost if we are not tied to something… But Active Learning is about breaking free… breaking free on an individual level so we can collaborate better with others.

For me Active Learning happens in two levels. One is on an individual level where you break & create your own structure by observing what others do and experimenting on your own learning interests. The second one is by collaborating with other people who might be very different from you, very different learning goals but connect together as they want to improve and evolve in their knowledge acquisition and assimilation and application.

Be part of the group and be part of how we evolve….

Note: Now you can listen to the audio version of my blogs on the Penpositive Outclass Podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check it out and new episodes uploaded every day 4 AM Pacific Standard Time

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