99/365 Being an Agile Practitioner

The beauty and satisfaction of working as an Agile Practitioner is that even while there is so much chaos around you, very often you stumble upon a new way of doing things that adds value to the team.

I have been an Agile Practitioner working with companies large and small for over 10 years. For those who don’t know what that means Agile is a set of methodologies used in building software and over the past several years it has branched into other areas such as HR, Marketing and so on. You can also trace the history of it to the developments and innovations in manufacturing process and lean thinking… More about that on another time.

Before working in the Agile space, I used to be in a range of roles including Sales, Resources, Entrepreneurship, Waterfall Project Management, Product Management and so on.

Being an Agile Practitioner gets you plugged directly into the team and you get to work wearing multiple hats with always focusing on improving both delivery and the environment and culture of those working. For me it is a highly rewarding work. The good thing is I get paid for something that feels good doing.

But those in field should understand that Agile Practice is not a magic act or rocket science… it is the ability to stick to things for a predefined duration and retrospect at the end of it and change and improve as we move ahead..

While you will definitely find reasons for instant gratification due to the small time boxes, the goal is always a long term improvement and a mindset change..

You will have to work with people who are impatient and want change now and expect magic to happen. Please make sure you hide your wand from them… if you give it to them they will just break it.. they might not understand the experience behind using it. Not their fault…

Stay at it.. don’t lose hope… ask frequently to your team if we are all getting better… And for your role… ask if you are adding value… be honest… be transparent.. be human…

It is a Journey… love it… live it.. learn…. Unlearn… improve…
It is rewarding..

Today saying this has a reason. I decided to not proceed with the separate Minimal Agile Podcast for now because I thought if I want to solo on Agile, why do it in a different place, why not here.. So you will have a bit of Agile Reflections some days.

At the end of the day this blog and the Penpositive Outclass Podcast are becoming something different than how it started. And I am loving it… yes.. I am….

Note: Now you can listen to the audio version of my blogs on the Penpositive Outclass Podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check it out and new episodes uploaded every day 4 AM Pacific Standard Time

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