102/365 It is OK to not know it all

Kids don’t get their driving license till they are a certain age. They are not allowed to drink or smoke. There are restrictions that the system puts on them. Even when they start driving the insurance costs are so high because the system considers kids to be high risk drivers. And yet we sometimes want our kids to act like they have figured it all. All grown up by 20.

I sometimes hear from mid 20 year olds tell me that they have not figured out yet what they want in life. And they kind of panic when they say that. And I wonder…. I am 50 now and have I figured it all out? I have greyed for sure, I have gotten older, my life went by.. I have made more mistakes… but have I figure things out…? Absolutely Not…

In fact I even today think of so many things I can try out in life. Am I worried that I don’t have clarity in many aspects of life. Well yes… but only when I compare myself with others. On my own I am perfectly content and happy with myself.. because I know I can only be me.. I can overcome a lot of things.. maybe learn new skills… I can even cover up and put up a totally different image of me to the outside world… but even then it will just be me..

Beneath the clothes and under the skin.. all my fears, my worries, my aspirations, my confusions, my sadness, my quirkiness, my idiosyncrasies they all stay. How can one escape that… And is it even needed.. why should you escape what you are…

But that is not the point here.. the point is about kids.. if as adults we have so much confusion… correction.. I will use I instead of we.. may be you are among those people who figured it all out while you were in your twenties… When as an Adult I have so much confusion.. how do I expect a 25 year old to have figured it all…

Looks like our systems.. law.. insurance etc…. they have accepted that kids take time to grow and be responsible… but we don’t get it… we want kids to grow up.. get settled.. start earning.. build their career and grow it… all before they hit thirty…

I think there is something just not right… I don’t know… I still have a lot to figured out.. And this confusion and figuring out is kind of fun… makes you feel younger and not older….

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