103/365 Homework Talks with your Kid

How should a homework conversation with your kid go. What are the things one should keep in mind as a parent? What questions should we ask kids? Is there even a need for such a conversation? Well, to be honest I have no clue if there is a ‘one size fits all’ answer to these questions. At least I have not seen one.

So here in California the schools have started, the younger one is in High school into the 9th grade…. regular readers will know. Some of my daily journals have been inspired by my conversations with him. Homework is also now a topic of daily discussion for us.

Math is the one in which he has doubts usually and that is the one we also have our little fights when I lose my patience. This process has put a kind of block in him. He rather not come to me to ask help. And this has been a big issue for me in my opinion and only I am to blame for it. Will you go to a person who gets angry when you don’t understand something.. No.. I have been struggling to overcome this hurdle.

But what we have started now is a daily chat about homework. The goal is not only homework, but also about time management and prioritization. He gets homework most days, but not all are due the next day. So we get to talk about which ones are important to be tackled that day. How do we use time properly and can we space it out to avoid stress. Even spending on math continuously might not help, so how do we do it etc… A main point is to get things done without stressing out.

Another benefit in these conversations is that he feels there is an interest from our end.. not checking on him.. but trying to understand what is happening. This in my opinion might also help us in knowing earlier on if there are areas he needs help.

For Math he has Algebra this year… which I am ok to go over with him as long as I can find the patience in the tutoring that is needed. But to avoid conflicts we decided to take an online website to help where he gets to practice problems and self learn and that way I can just do a support role rather than the tutor role.

The other thing he seems to need help is Spanish which he is starting to learn this year. This is not something I can help in anyway. But since his sister had taken it during her high school and did pretty well in it, so that could help.

We had a conversation the other day on Spanish Learning and we have figured some methods. One is that he starts seeing some of his cartoons in Spanish. The other is making videos in Spanish. Since he is a Ventriloquist he will now start making videos where he tutors his puppet on Spanish. Let us see how that goes. Also he can start communicating with his elder sister in Spanish.

My personal take is these conversations will be good. The very general conversations about homework… not to stress but collaborate and learn… and support…

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