104/365 When Facebook Was Down Yesterday

We all know that machines and software can stop working.. we humans also slow down and stop working.. But machines and software get fixed faster than we humans do. In the present time if machines and software go down humans are impacted more than ever.

I made a post on instagram in the morning and that automatically gets posted on my facebook. then I went on with my life and later tried to check instagram and it was not loading. I went to the desktop and tried to get facebook. Nothing. Tried WhatsApp… Same…. I was about to get into my office call and thought it could be the internet. But no…

Got into my call and then after back to back meetings I was only out by 11 AM. Checked again.. same… looked into Twitter… Yes…. Facebook is down…

This has been a similar activity for many people yesterday. May be a few differences here and there. For the past few weeks I have been listening to the Wall Street Journal podcast series titled The Facebook Files and had just finished listening to Frances Haugen talk. I was letting the story sink in.

But past several weeks I have been deliberately monitoring my Facebook Usage. Facebook is my most used social media as that is where I have over 300K subscribers. A few weeks back it hit me that I spent a lot of time replying to comments. Not really replying, I should say arguing. And this is the problem I saw.

I add different kind of posts on Facebook. Some are silly ones.. some are focussed on personal and professional development… I recently even did a 30 day video series on topics involved with personal/professional development . I also add opinions on issues of conflict and controversy.

The problem I find is that the posts that are on controversy or conflict are shown to people more than my other content and so they gather more engagement. Now I will not blame just Facebook as I also should refrain from getting carried away with comments.

My solution was to remove the Facebook App from my phone so that way it becomes more difficult to engage in comment wars with people. You will not believe how much time that saves me now.

Yesterday when facebook was down, there was another interesting thing I observed. My core Active learning members are in my Penpositive Network that I run on Mighty Networks. So in a way my meaningful connections can be safeguarded from algorithmic intrusion

I do believe that niche community building can happen in such a new platform. That said I am still trying to figure out the pros and cons because keeping people engaged in a community becomes more challenging without the social media algorithm doing it for you.

But the upside is people save time… and we can probably build more value. More on that another day.

Note: Now you can listen to the audio version of my blogs on the Penpositive Outclass Podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check it out and new episodes uploaded every day 4 AM Pacific Standard Time

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