105/365 Join from home & Work from home

The excitement of joining a new company might have changed a bit I feel. During the past one and a half years most people who joined across the various levels of the corporate machinery must have joined remotely and started delivering value in a remote setting. It is both interesting and challenging.

When the Lock Down and stay at home started back in March of 2020 the priority was to find ways to seamlessly get various pieces working in a remote fashion. At least for a few weeks most people who went remote were previously going to office.

In my opinion no one really knew how things would pan out. Even for people like me who have been working remote for a while had to adjust with the new rules as not everyone I worked with used to be remote. One way of looking at it was suddenly it becomes night all over the world and we have to find our way to move and interact with others. or we all switch to a new language with the press of a button.

But as the Pandemic progressed, people got used to working remotely and companies also started finding that productivity is also faring well. Work is getting done. And now the discussion is how to get back to work, who wants to come and what does a Hybrid model look like etc… The last time I drove to an office was in August 2019.. So it has been two years.

Another interesting case is of people who have newly joined a company during the Pandemic. It can be weird because it can feel like so much effort to become part of a team and a culture. And within that you have full timers and contractors. The whole idea of remote orientation.

We build relationships faster when face to face, or at least there is an opportunity to meet in person. That having gone, some people I am sure will struggle. Is there a way to navigate? A better way to struggle may be…. I want to spend sometime dedicating a few days for this thought. May be starting this Sunday or Monday. Let us see !!

After the health series, I think now I will do a work series next week.

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