106/365 The Confessions of Quitter

The first time heard about the sunk cost fallacy, I felt like quitting every crap I was doing then. To be honest it felt like I was in this never ending journey and the things that I dread repeating itself. But that was a few years ago.. And Yes I quit what I was doing then.

There was a 7 year period in my life where I felt this would never end. I would daily wake up to dreadful day… just pulling it through. People might ask why did I do that for that long… and I would not have an answer. But I can tell you that if I had not quit back then, I would be still continuing that. And in the process wasted 17 years of my precious life.

Did I climb Mountain Everest after I quit.. NO… I might not have done anything of significant greatness.. But yes I now do have a friend who climbed Mount Everest… and he did that while having only one hand. A shout out to my friend Gary Guller, who happens to be the first person to scale Mount Everest with only one hand.

Since I quit what I was doing one fine day. I said enough is enough I went through a lot of transformation… I know I am a big time quitter because I don’t think our life and time is worth doing things that don’t seem promising. I am not saying quitting a job. I am saying quitting things that you do and don’t pay and don’t add value to your life. Even books and movies, I quit mid way when I don’t see the point. It is my life not anyone else’s.

We have been raised to tell that quitters don’t win and that if you feel like quitting you should try harder. But knowing when to Quit is so important. And this is where the Sunk cost fallacy becomes your death warrant. We will look back at the time effort and money we have spent on something. And this can be the company you work, your business, any activity you did, a dream you want to make happen… A relationship you are in.

We will never quit because we keep thinking how much we have invested into it. And this thought will disable our single chance to think differently…. to see all the opportunities left out for us. When I quit what I was doing for 7 years, I felt free… And then yes I had to pick up my life from literally negative… not even zero… just negative…. it was not easy doing something like that at an age when people are talking about settling down and see themselves as set for life..

If I was not a quitter, I would still be struggling and unhappy.. because that is who I am. Today am I happy.. yes… Do I see the life ahead in a positive way.. Yes… Do I have fears about the future.. Well yes… Do I have my struggles… Yes again… Am I all set for life financially.. absolutely Not… Do I have confusion about life… Yes I do… Do I have bouts of depression.. Oh! Yes… Even today I have things I would want to quit but cannot. But the point is I am able to find peace with it. Make that part of who I am.

I think the point is I am not stuck for long durations… I am moving… I have my ups and downs.. good and bad days…. But Yes I am a quitter… I know that for sure !!!….. But I am also an Unstucker…. if there is a word like that… I help myself getting unstuck when I cannot move….

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  1. Good one! Can relate to this to an extend. So can understand you totally.

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