108/365 Finding your creator sweet spot

After 100+ days of writing and daily podcasting, I have started thinking about style. Is that something your develop? Should one be bother much about it. If you are trying to publish something yes. But if you look at it as a Journal should style matter. Can you manufacture style in journaling. Will that not be like fighting what is natural?

I have never been overly serious about these things… It has always been about the flow. Not always but from the first time I heard about Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and the Concept of flow.

For those who are not aware of it…. it a highly focused mental state conducive to productivity (as per wikipedia)… but for me it is just that it happens naturally… I feel good doing it, I even forget time… I don’t consider it a burden.

I might have trouble starting but once in the flow I go with it. So that is how I see it. Sometimes I start writing or even for podcasting. I might have trouble starting but then after sometime your nature takes it over.

So coming to my point should I be bothered of the style. And let me tell you why I am thinking that. If there is a style then there is also a structure I guess. The creation is more predictable to the consumer. If there is no style.. or let me correct… if it is free style… it is unpredictable… It is ok with regular readers and listeners. It can be confusing for new people.

We live in a world where New people.. New customers… New followers… more.. more.. more… is the focus… But I am the opposite.. While I would want more people to read and listen to what I have to say.. I think the value is in the community that grows with you… evolves with you….

Your creation becomes the result of the interactions you have. A rigid structure and style also will be opposite to the person I am… it goes against my nature… I am more fluid….. free style and flow together.. I think I should use free flowing as my style… and nothing else…

Some days are better than others.. Some blogs and episodes are better than others.. you cannot be a winner always… but you can always enjoy the race… that participation….. The participator takes it all… unlike ‘the winner takes it all’ from ABBA.. But what is winning…? May be on another day…

So I am not going to find any creator sweet spot… I will just roll with the fun….

Note: Now you can listen to the audio version of my blogs on the Penpositive Outclass Podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check it out and new episodes uploaded every day 4 AM Pacific Standard Time

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