109/365 My Failures from Lack of Motivation

One should learn from failures they say… true but my problem is choosing from all those failures in life. But even more my problem is I have kept on repeating a few things with out any attempt of learning anything. Why would that be?

I often wonder… why would someone be doing that. You know it is bad and you have done it over and over and failed causing both financial and time loss and yet you keep repeating it. As if repeating it a certain number of times will ward off some evil spirits and in the next attempt it miraculously works.

But sometimes it does work…. Well not because of spirits but there is another reason for repetitions. If you learn something every time and then use that learning to tweak the process and then repeat again… it can work… and that is called experimenting…

Now my failures have not been about ‘doing’ but that of ‘not doing’. One does not learn anything from not doing. If we fail to do something the only learning is don’t repeat it and the next time you face the similar situation.. act… do something. That is where I repeatedly fail again. I again fail to act.

I analyzed this behavior and found out that I lacked the motivation to do certain things. And that lack of motivation is costing me. May be learning a skill that I know is good for me, but I am not interested. just not interested… This has been a constant struggle of mine. Learning something I don’t like. How does one do that..?

So learning is not the problem. Learning something I don’t like is a problem.. This is causing the failures for me… I just procrastinate and move it out and out till I myself am out of the playing field.

Need to change that. May be I will pick up one such thing and start learning today. Will keep you posted if any progress happens.

A small step to face my lack of motivation head on. I will need some help from people who might have done it before. Need to find ways to mind hack my way through it. Or may be even finding why I am motivated to blog and podcast while not some other things.

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  1. Hi Vinod ji,

    I have the same issue that you mentioned and one technique that worked for me in such situations is Pomodoro. I set a timer for 25 minutes and concentrate on the subject that I do not like. I switch off after 25 minutes and gradually found that the subject became interesting to an extent for me even though not completely. šŸ™‚

    Warm regards,

    Vidya K Victor

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