110/365 Why do we work?

Work is the biggest part of our waking hour. For some folks the sleeping hour is so minuscule that work is all they have in their life. So Why do we work? Next few days I want to share with you some personal thoughts about work every day.

I sometimes feel an alternative to work does not exist for the majority. Then I feel that is not true. Because even if you are not working to earn a living you need work in order to live. Even when we idle, every part of our body keeps working so we can stay alive. So there is no alternative to be honest.

But when people relate work only to the one that gives you a salary or helps you make money it can seem different. That is where the question comes. If you did not need the money what would you day the whole day. And that question indirectly implies that what you do then will not be work.. but just what you love. I think there is a problem.. Everything is work.. for me…

I look at work at three levels. One that helps me to earn a living, the other is that keeps me alive and the third that makes me feel alive.

I am not very picky about the work that helps me earn a living. Yes.. I have said no to some work that came my way but never have I said NO when I am without a work. I have taken up any work that came to me when I am in need of one. Does that mean I have no say or don’t care about what I do to earn my living. No.. not that way… I do care.. but my priority is not what I feel.. but what I earn from doing the wok. If it pays I take it… if not I don’t.

I know this might seem weird saying this at a time when the entire world talks about finding your passion, creator economy and so on. Well this is how I personally feel about work. And this approach personally makes me content and happy in a way.. I would love to have my passion and work be the same one. But that is not the battle I am ready to have always. And may be that is why I have three different levels of work. And just for the record… I do love my work as an Agile Practitioner… But the main criteria here is the pay. I will not do it for free if anyone asks for it.

There are people who say I love my diet and I love my workout… the best time of my day is when I hit the Gym… I don’t feel so… Not for me…. For me Not eating the food I love or going to Gym everyday.. exercising…. these are all work. But I got to do it to keep myself alive the way I want. So it is work and it has a very important reason to get done.

If there is an alternative I will choose it. That said I love long walks listening to Podcasts. But I don’t know if it is love for podcasts or love for walks. Either way I need that work to stay alive.

Now for the third kind of work where it makes me feel alive. That is what I am doing right now…. My creator life is what makes me feel alive… The interactions with other Active Learners is what makes me stay alive. For the time I spend on it, I don’t think I make the money I should. If I have been using that same energy and effort elsewhere I would be way more financially. This is for me a financially negative proposition. But it makes me feel alive… At least now….

Now the question that will come to mind is would I love to make ‘the work that makes me feel alive’ and the ‘work that makes me earn a living’ the one and the same. The short answer always will be YES… but I also have to say that I have tried and failed on that. I will talk more on that tomorrow.

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