113/365 A tale in Career Recovery

In 2010 I was at a crossroad with a mounting debt, no clear idea of a possible career even after spending 17 years in an Industry that has been booming all the while. In short I did not know what skill of mine can be sold or projected as being employable.

On a September day as I sat and looked back at what all I did in the past 17 years, my skills included Sales, Client Management, Resource Management and so on. I could check starting from here by projecting them. But I had become almost negative to these activities and even developed a thought that these are not the areas I can do well. I had to expand further.. be creative and see what other bankable skills I had.

Over these past 17 years, I had also done a few other things as part of my career. These were not really my specific roles, but they lay outside my actual role. These included a bit of business analysis, conflict resolution, managing really unhappy customers, bringing project to amicable closures, meeting deadlines and so on. These I felt were skills that I possessed and now the goal was to package it in a way someone could understand.

I had to choose between Business Analysis and Project Management. I had also started understanding the Agile Methodology a bit more seriously. On a personal level I had also been doing a lot of content management activities through setting up personal content properties. On a professional level I had also been introduced to implementing content management systems. This could provide me a rope to survive.

I started aiming for a role in either Business Analysis or Project Management with a focus on Agile Methodology in the content management domain. This is what I began with when targeting for a role. I was open for contracts or full time or part time… any thing. My search continued for a month.

Finally in December of 2010 I landed on a contract role as a Product Manager within the content management group for a major financial institution. It was like a new life. Also my first time in a large corporation. After 17 years of running and being scattered all around. But I realized something very interesting during my time there.

I realized that I had a lot of learning to do. I also figured that I had some unique skills that proved to be very valuable. In the new life… the assimilation was easy… the navigation was not that easy. And I spent 18 months in that role which gave me that much needed life saver to move forward. To be employable after all.

More on some interesting notes from that time…. Tomorrow !!

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