117/365 My Remote Work Chronology

Pandemic was a time when many people who had not done remote work started doing it. I was someone who had experienced remote work for several years in my career. But that did not matter because it was different now.

I started remote working immediately after college when I started out on my own assembling and selling computers and operated out of my home.

The next time I worked from home full time was when I went to London for half a year and we did not have a proper office but only a Home Office. Between this time for over 5 years I did work from an office.

Then again after probably 2 years of working in offices I got back to working from home in 2003 may be. Till 2010 I have had on and off working from home arrangements. Then I switched back to commuting an hour and working in an office till the pandemic hit. So 10 years of working in office and then back to working from home.

Even during my work from home periods I had the option to go to office if needed. It was just that many of the work places I was in were flexible. Pandemic took a different turn in an inflexible way. I did not have a place to go and work from….

Even while working from home, I used to get ready for work in official attire. Pandemic changed that as well. No I am not recommending that.. it is just for me… the reason is we usually don’t have our camera on… I am presentable but bit in an official way….

As the Pandemic hit and people started working remotely there were so many discussions on what is the best way to work remote. Everyone being remote is not the same as just you being remote.

As I listen to people talking about returning to work.. especially in the Tech field where working remotely is feasible, the options are of all remote and hybrids. I think one concern for people will be the additional commute time that they will have to find in their current calendars which is currently been structured to remote working.

It will be interesting to note the developments in coming months. Personally I think remote working will be ideal as you get more done during this time. There is also better Work life balance in my opinion. The totally useless commute time is being used well in my opinion. Did I ever like commuting… Yes I did.. I will tell you more on that tomorrow

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