119/365 Don’t Wait for the New Year

It is October and in just over two months we will be getting into a new year and a week before that we will all be flooded by New Year Resolutions and how the year was and how the coming year is going to be and so on. But the question is why should we wait for the New Year to come? I mean for making resolutions to be precise…

What is going to magically happen on December 31st when the clock strikes 12 and a new year starts. What is going to happen that will magically give you the energy, strength and will power to change…. that you don’t have today. The answer is nothing. no magic…. Dec 31 is no magical day to change.

You might be aware that most resolutions taken on the 1st get lost within weeks. What is the guarantee that ours is not like that. When 2020 started I had a few resolutions. yes I achieved some of them in the first quarter itself and a few I dropped in a months time. Why..? because some had more value that others, some just lost its significance… But then why did I pick up those resolutions that did not work..? I did not think about the time commitment needed.. it was the excitement that gained precedence over the practicality.

What is the solution..? This year I am starting the exercise two months before January… This is going to be my trial run period. My New Year Resolutions will start now and may even end before January, I will know what will work and what will not. On Dec 31.. I will just easily slip into a new year without any splash…. no grandiose plans but a practical step into the next future.

Now there are different kinds of resolutions. one is where not adhering to the resolution will cost us.. like quit smoking.. reduce drinking.. follow a diet.. but it is surely going to cost us from now to the next year.. Why do you want to pay that cost.. And the fact is if you have a resolution set fo Jan 1st you are bound to treat yourself bad till then… I am anyway going to stop on jan 1st so let me just enjoy now… How do I know… I have been there… and done it… I quit smoking mid year in February… I don’t even remember the day.. it does not matter… you just got to do it….

The other kind of resolution is where you got to do it to add value to your life. Here we need time to define what value is.. it is not the excitement of starting something but the possibility of sustaining something that matters.. Excitement gets worn off after a while… what will push you after that… know the value.. prioritize the value… get going….

This year I am planning for long term change and not short term achievements… I am planning to be here for the long haul… don’t want to be myopic with yearly outlooks… Try it out… start now.. not tomorrow…

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