120/365 One line motivation – The Promise & in effectiveness

With the Advent of Social Media… everyone seems to be a philosopher… in a one line motivational quote they seem to solve all world problems. Motivational Quotes are a big thing on all major social media…. Even I do it at times… But sometimes it is a bit too much.

I am not saying Motivational quotes don’t help. But the frequency of how it is consumed matters I guess… And to add to that, there is so much crap that takes a lot of our time to figure out what the heck it means or why is it even a quote in the first place. We have a flood of philosophies of life and as we struggle navigating the perils of a real life.. it can appear to be laughable… or plain annoying to be precise.

I am sure my motivational quotes also would have annoyed people and even cost me followers on Social Media. Nevertheless motivational quotes have a big following… But why…?

I have always felt that when we read a motivational quote we feel good. We get a sense of hope and we feel all is not bad.. especially for someone who is feeling bad and some nice words can make them feel better… it could mean a lot… And that is all good… 

But in my opinion that is not the reason why Motivational quotes flood our newsfeeds. The main reason is it is easy to get shared… people think by sharing it they also add to positivity around them. They feel that they have done something big… Is that it…?

Whenever I read a quote I often feel how a one liner can create value…. If we were asked to remember the top 10 quotes we know… most of us might not be able to remember 10… I could remember only 4.. here they are.. And mind you I have read thousands of them… and also shared hundreds… Yet.. only 4 come to mind…

  1. When the going gets tough the tough gets going
  2. Life is shot at you point blank; it is here and Now
  3. It is not enough to be sitting on the right path, if you don’t move you will be run over
  4. On our deathbed we will not feel we could have spent more time in office

I remember these because I have used them over and over in my writings and talks.  I don’t remember when I first heard them though.

The promise of one liners is that you never know… some of them just become part of you and could have a big impact on us. The ineffectiveness on the other hand is that sharing them left right and center does not improve positive thinking. It just gets annoying. And again that is my 2 cents….

May be people should write in detail about the quotes that inspired and influenced them. Breaking it down into their own experiences. That seems like a great idea and next 4 days I will try to open up these 4 quotes and elaborate them from my life experiences. How does that sound…?

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