125/365 Getting Perfect Scores in Life

Life is not a race or a test to get perfect scores.. It is not a Gymnastics act either.. even though many of us might feel it is at times…. Life does not give you perfect scores. But as human beings we are obsessed with it. I was trying to think if I have ever received perfect scores… And there is a reason to think that way.. And it has to do with the listeners of the Podcast Outclass Podcast

In the Podcast world there is something called the listener retention. This is an interesting metrics. In videos the number of views does not tell you if everyone watched the complete video. yes you get an average and usually the average is like…. people watching may be 10% to 20% and that varies on content and viewer.

The point is everyone who clicks is not going to view the video completely. In a Podcast you get to know when people stopped listening and what percentage of people listened to the complete episode. The interesting fact is that listener retention is much higher than viewer retention. Maybe because if you are listening to it while driving you won’t bother changing the podcast midway unless it is really bad….

My usual listener retention for Penpositive Outclass is around 70% to 80% for an average episode. But last few episodes I saw a few 100% listener retention episodes.. a perfect score. I was checking what the reason could be. I realized that when we talk about life and career people like it… Also when the topic resonates with the listeners it does well.. This made me think of perfect scores while growing up.

I was not much of a performer of participating in any sports… I was ok with studies. And I remember getting a few perfect scores in Math and Science in my 11th and 12th..

Growing up I remember that Math and Science were the subjects you get perfect scores because you can answer all questions as it should be answered. We used to call it cent percent…. When it comes to languages you never get 100%. But then over time I have heard that there are kids who get a perfect scores in languages. I have no clue…. How does someone get a perfect score in an essay? May be it means that they wrote an essay that was scored perfectly due to the limits of knowledge of the examiner. Quite possible..

But this thought of perfect score took me elsewhere. Just by the excitement I felt seeing my 100% perfect score on Listener retention, I realized that we are still controlled by this urge to be liked by all… accepted by all…. any form of rejection of any sort feels painful… But life does not care… It does not care what we feel…

We have so many points in life where we fail… forget perfect scores.. we just plain fail… But perfect scores such as these give you an extra motivation to keep moving.. And Thank You to the Listeners…

When I think about podcasts… there are some episodes when I see a dip after the first few seconds.. like people just stopped listening after the few seconds…. from 100% it goes all the way down to 45%. And in life also that is how it is… we need stay at it for a while before people will notice and you will see fruits of your labor…. Life is not about perfect scores but consistency…I guess…

Note: Now you can listen to the audio version of my blogs on the Penpositive Outclass Podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check it out and new episodes uploaded every day 4 AM Pacific Standard Time

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