126/365 Movies, Phone and Focus

We live at a time when focus is a rare commodity. It is not about focussing on what is difficult to focus.. but even the easier things seem hard to focus. I never needed effort to focus on Movies… I just love them… But that is not the case now.

Watching movies have always been a passion. Not just watching but also talking about it. With the arrival of Social media slowly the time got split between movies and YouTube and the various platforms… The result was the inability to enjoy watching movies.

The Phone is always next to you and your habit is to pick it up every two minutes.. Because the world stops if you don’t do it. at least your mind makes you believe so… How does anyone focus on anything with such a phone habit. This has been such a pain for me.

The only time I was able to watch a movie properly is in the theaters and that too stopped with the Pandemic. But something has changed now. Now theaters have opened up which is good… Also over the past several weeks at least for movies I have been able to get back that focus. And I did a few things to get there.

First was that I decided to not keep my phone next to me while watching. next I decided to watch foreign language films in which case I had to not just focus on the movie, but also read the subtitles. That needs you to be in the movie more actively.

I should say that after a long time I have slowly started enjoying films even while watching them at home. Keeping the phone away from us when we have to focus is probably a habit we need to cultivate…

I heard recently that losing focus is not s defect in us but it is there by design… As human beings we are all prone to lose focus… and the only way to overcome is to cultivate focus… and also try hacks like keeping the phone away… just because phone is one main source of distraction today.

I also try reading a book daily which helps in focussing… I think this is going to be a life long exercise… just like all other exercises we do… Stay focussed !

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