128/365 Powerless on Willpower

I have always considered myself to be low on willpower. And recently the topic of willpower came up in a conversation with friends. Usually I try to change the topic as I personally feel I have less of a willpower and that was my way of coping with that vulnerability. But I guess it depends on how we decide to look at it.

Willpower as I understand is that strength we need to gather in order do things that are not necessarily comfortable but still you go at it and persist. Yes that is exactly what I don’t have. But that said I have done things in life that needed willpower.. But still I find myself at the lower end of that… Unless…. we decide to look at Will Power in a slightly different lense…

I can persist on doing things that some people might find so mundane or uncomfortable…. I persist because of two reasons. One is if I really like doing it… the other is if I am convinced that it is something I need to do. This convincing is not easy though. So if we were to redefine what willpower means may be there is a way out of this…

I think I will say that I am a slacker on areas that I cannot seem to find a meaning and purpose. And for me meaning and purpose are not just about loving what I do.. but also about priority and responsibility.

So maybe before we decide that we don’t have the willpower or someone else does not have it.. we should spend time on thinking through what is it that we have to do.

For example content creation and content projects and even this blog and podcast for me is a form of persistence… Been doing it for straight 128 days with not a day missing.. But there is something that I have been wanting to do but cannot find the willpower to.. It is learning a new skill that could help me a lot in my career.

I am trying to figure out why I am not prioritizing it to the point where my willpower to pursue comes to me naturally.. What should I be doing differently….

After thinking through it… I am trying a few things… One is to create a structured learning plan for myself and stick to it for next 3 months. Daily…. And see if that works…

I also need to create a post skill development paper… a list of all the things that I will be able to do and advance once the skill is developed. May be that will motivate and push me…. It is always better to do it before it is needed. So my goal is that in the next 6 months I will have another additional skill in my arsenal…

This will also make me revisit yesterday’s topic of Value Trade-Off.. When I spend time on this endeavor it will impact my content creation…. There will be a Value Trade-Off

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