129/365 The fear of being exposed

In the era of Social Media and cell phone cameras and live streams.. do people fear being exposed. Apparently people’s life taken out of context can also cause trauma. I was thinking about this the other day… When do we feel exposed and why do we fear we might get exposed.

Exposed in itself means not covered or hidden… visible. But Being exposed in our social context means that we have been hiding something,.. May be it is something we did or our may be our true character we kept hidden. And then one fine day we are exposed..

People who knew us realize that we are not the real person we said or claimed we were. May be we never said or claimed…. We just are no more the person they expected us to be.. So it could also be that a side of us was not public… and now it is.. this we might have kept it outside public eyes totally unintentionally….

This is a very fascinating topic… The fear of being exposed happens when we have been intentionally hiding something that we don’t want the larger public to know… people all have secrets… some might be graver than other… some can damage and destroy people.. while some just create a certain deal of un-comfort. Nevertheless being exposed is not a fun event and may be that is why there is a fear of being exposed.

Now let us take a look at the whole idea of being exposed…A few years back I decided that the only way I can be fearless on social media is to be so transparent that there is nothing that is out there than can hurt me by being exposed… There is not a thing hidden from the public eye… I have been able to succeed in this… to a great extend…

Does that mean I have no secrets… No I do.. And slowly I am trying to open them up as well… I mean secrets that pertain to me alone… I also hold secrets of others.. which is safe with me as that is my responsibility.. But my own secrets… I want to be so transparent that nothing is there to expose. I do that mostly through videos and podcasts… and even through this journal you are reading.

There is another aspect… What we might have not said in public thinking it is not relevant, when exposed and made public without our own doing could be used against us… meaning in the new world where people believe everything and anything on internet also believe there should not be any secrets if you are a person traveling on the social media exposure lane…

Do I have a fear of being exposed.. Not really… but I did an exercise other day… I made a list of all the things I have that people might not know… and I found a few that I think I should make public and I will in coming days.. Why.. because I think there is a valid message in that…

Now a different thought in addition… Even if you have at anytime mentioned something that you think is very personal.. there will be people who will learn about it later on and even then try to use that against you…. They won’t even listen that you had yourself mentioned that before…. they just won’t listen… because they have an agenda.. to expose you…. and in that process bring damage to you…

Well… it is really fascinating thinking about this.. because 90% of what people project online is only 10% of what really is… And that is where we try to be transparent… but it is worth it… the journey to be fully transparent…

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