130/365 Owning up our ignorance & our experiences

“Are you ignorant?”… if someone asks us that, we might get offended. but we all know that we cannot be knowledgable about everything. There are definitely more things in this world that we are ignorant about than what we are knowledgable about… same goes with experiences.

We often have an issue owning up our ignorances and experiences… Ignorance more that experience may be…. The simple act of saying ‘I don’t know’ or saying ‘I am sorry I don’t have an experience in that’ makes us nervous. Not saying these are serious deterrents to continuous learning.

It is not always the issue of people who are unable to say this. It is also an issue of those people who think these statements are a total NO NO…. people who will not take these as an answer… Even they don’t understand what continuous learning is. But things are changing… in interviews people are figuring out if people can learn rather than if they already know it.

The fact is that we will never know everything… but we all should have a good method of learning new things. For this the starting point is knowing what we don’t know….

Now coming to experiences… we have had both good and bad experiences… we have had experiences from which we have learned and we have had experiences from which we probably did not learn anything.. may be because we did not take it seriously… But we have to own them both.. because they are our experiences.

There is a quote I use on my Facebook profile about ignorance…. it is “In ignorance we think we are something; As knowledge creeps in we realize we are nothing….”

We will only be aware of our ignorance when we are in the learning mode.. So if anyone says they don’t know… the reason is because they have been learning… If anyone says they do not have experience in something is because they are eager to experience it.. try out things… they are Active…

So while owning up our ignorance and experiences.. we should also encourage people who own up theirs… This is the only way we can create a collective learning experience and a community.. my two cents…..

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