132/365 Workable Multi Tasking

Does Multitasking work..? or even better… is there any workable multi-tasking… Growing up I have heard two different sides on the Multi-Tasking debate. One was that it is perfectly ok to multitask… because things don’t need to be perfect and the other was obviously.. don’t multi-task.. even Leonardo Da Vinci was not able to do it… then how can you….

Multi Tasking is doing two things at the same time while there is also this concept of doing many things in parallel.. Let us not confuse them both now… One is Multitasking and the other is juggling multiple priorities..

Here are some the things which are easy to multitask… Eating and watching TV…. Walking or driving and listening to Podcast or Music… But Watching TV and listening to Music is difficult… We can also drive and talk and listen to music and drink coffee and take a bite… all together… but that is not safe…. don’t do it…

Since I started listening to Podcasts they have made a great addition to combine with many Multitasking efforts.. Walking.. exercising…. driving… cooking.. cleaning the dishes…. emptying the dishwasher… these are all my workable multitasks.. and of course… having a drink while binge watching is also quite workable… enjoyably workable…. just that it works a bit too well and gets overdone….

Recently I found a different multitasking… before I get to that.. there is a background story to it…. There are two things I want to do everyday.. one is exercising for 1 hour and the other is reading for 1 hour…

And I think I have found the right way for doing both of these together … I bought an indoor bike… not the 3000 dollar pricey one… but a simple 119 dollar bike…

Now the first thing I do after waking up and brushing is get on the bike and then use that time to both bike and read… before my real day starts I can wrap up some of my daily To Dos….

One of the reasons I had to do this is because there are things in our life which will get done only if we find a way… ourselves…. No one will ask us if we don’t exercise or read daily… When anything else comes up these are the activities that will get pushed out… Now this way I get them done even before my work day starts… Any additional movement or reading is a bonus….

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