135/365 The Great Resignation

Two days back as part of the Penpositive Journal on the Penpositive YouTube channel… I did a video on The Great Resignation… some personal thoughts… I did not have any intention of repeating the same thing here.. but it was interesting to note some comments that came on my Social media Channels and I thought there is more to this than just a video.. the video is posted at the end of this post…

Pandemic has given people time to think about a lot of things about Life and Work but that is not the only reason in my opinion… We all have been subjected to new ways of thinking and working and looking at the world… I will share some of the people I spoke to.

I spoke to someone who was retiring this year and was planning to travel the world but not sure if that plan will work… I also spoke to someone who decided to go back to work after retiring for a few years.. they decided during the pandemic because they could not travel. I spoke to someone who lost their job and then had to pivot into something else and then carried on with that and was not pursuing the old career… I spoke to someone who started a side activity that was immersed in what they loved… the person was financially sound and so taking a short break was ok and so resigned.. and continuing with the passion

There are people who used this time to Up-skill and Re-skill and thereby expand their horizon.. something they had not been able to do before the pandemic… This opened up new opportunities and even gave them that confidence to seek out new areas.

There is also the factor that we saw so much hardship and grief around us that we all wanted to connect with what made us complete and we probably figured that work alone was not enough… I had just taken a break before the Pandemic and so as pandemic was raging.. I had got into a new job… and I intend to keep working… I have a different outlook for a 9-5 job.. and that is based on Value and I have spoken about that before I guess.. if not my last Penpositive Journal Video was on that topic…

There is something I have for Employers and Employees

Employers: The question is how many people in your organization work because they love the job..? Also find those in your organization who create a meaningful work experience for others… many do this outside their day job… it is their nature… find them.. reward them… keep them…

Employees: To be safe… search for your passion… get started on it… even when you retire or resign, you need something to do that makes you happy… and try to like your job… do an attempt… And wait for a pandemic to do the up-skill re-skill activity.. keep doing it…

One more thing… there are many who say the 9-5 job is not worth it.. I have a different take on that… A 9-5 job gives you so much stability to pursue your passion. I work 9-5… And honestly I feel stressed when I don’t have that… I have tried and I don’t like it…

If you have been thinking of quitting your 9-5 job.. then that is not what you might have expected.. Check the video.. and please do subscribe to the channel….

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