136/365 The “Love My Work’ Week

There was a 2019 book by Marcus Buckingham ‘Nine Lies About Work’ that he had coauthored with Ashley Goodall.. I highly recommend you all to read it…. In fact the Episode 9 of the Penpositive Outclass Podcast was about that… The book again came to my mind recently as I started reading and writing about ‘The Great Resignation’ and the post pandemic work culture in general….

One specific call out in the book was very fascinating to me… The authors asked readers to spend two weeks every year trying to love your work.. I would say try one week every quarter…

Most of us don’t work in perfect roles… We don’t always think we were born for this…. but there are also many of us who with a little effort from our end can do something to like and love what we do… When we don’t put that effort the only thing that keeps ringing in our mind are the bad aspects of work… It is just like the negative news on social media.. they have a high stickiness… it takes effort to scrape it away…. And every work has shades that we might not like….

I don’t think we should like work for no specific reason… Not just work.. anything.. if we like or love it for no specific reason we need to check why… at least that is me… That said sometimes I do have this great love for everything in this world.. but then it slips away…

We should like work for a valid.. very personal reason.. We can talk a lot about purpose and changing the world.. but for me there is some personal need to be at work… I like to focus on that… if you can’t find one.. try to see what you can do about it…. And also why it is so…?

There is a high chance we might hold the key to make subtle differences in our work experiences.. or may be someone we know can and we can reach out to them… But even for that we need to first try a week out…

If we just sit there quietly cribbing about the work.. nothing will change… it will just get worse… Just a week every now and then make it for you a… ‘Love My Work’ Week…

Even if you like your job like I do… You can do this exercise.. there is always room for improvement as perfect is a non existent thing.. at least for me…

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