137/365 Saying No to some of the things we want to do

We will never be able to do everything we want….and I get that… I hope you do too… but the bigger problem is saying No to some of the things we want to do.. Remember we spoke about value trade-offs…. Even when we are able to find the value and do the trade off.. there is a point that we miss.. when we decide to say No to doing something.. we might be saying No to it for our whole life…. have you thought about that..? Does that make you feel bad….?

Trade-offs might be easy if we think it is just for this moment and this one time we are doing… and that in some time in future we will be able to take up what we say No today… Every Yes we say is saying No to many possibilities we will not do… Personally this sounds scary to me and that is the one reason we hold on to so many things.. Many To Dos…. like we really believe we will reach them some time…

In Agile Scrum there is something we call the product Backlog… that is where we list everything we want to build as part of a product…. It is said that if it goes above 100 items it becomes difficult to manage. I would say even 100 is a big number…

Sometimes people have something in their backlog for over a year… never prioritized… do you think it will get prioritized ever… ? but the moment we remove it someone will feel we are doing something wrong… people find it difficult to remove items rom the backlog because they are glued and connected to it in a way… even when we have not even started working on it…

Imagine this in our life… we having a backlog…. if you have not done anything about it for one year.. do you think you will ever get to it…. Is it slowing us down or distracting us from what we should be focusing now…? Think about it…

What they say about backlogs is that even if we remove something from it.. if it is something that is important it will come back again… keeping it there just increases the clutter….

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