EP 203 (140/365) Making meaningful Connections

I grew up liking the company of people… always wanting to be around others…. May be that is how I chose sales after college… but I left that profession a few years later… when I moved into management and Agile…. but over the past few years I have become much distant from people… I am not sure but I really don’t like being in crowds…. I think it has to do a lot with my internet and social media exposure… and yes the pandemic too…

When we were invited to someone’s place I was the first to say yes…. and now I mostly say no…. I make an excuse… This is a major transition for me and in a way is probably impacting my relationships with a lot of people… The Lockdown and pandemic has aggravated the situation.. now when things are opening up.. there are a few things I have to relearn…

I am not jumping into any conclusions, but I want to see if social media has created a dent in my real social skills… Now as I step back into the life meeting people will I be incapable of building relationships as I used to… this is a fear I have…. On top of it we are probably going to be working remote for the foreseeable future..

But there is something else that is happening… While I might be avoiding crowds and parties as a person, my connections in real life is becoming more meaningful… everything else seems to be online…. I probably must have narrowed down my real world relationships to what I can count in my hands and these are ones that I cherish… I think I am starting to see relationships as a privilege.. not to be taken for granted…

Before now, I used to have a lot more people I connect in person and today that has been replaced by a lot of online connections and meaningful in person connections. I have also seen that I have made connections online that have turned to be meaningful ones.

The way I look it.. there is a problem in the short run that my ability to make superficial connections in real life has drastically gone down.. And Superficial connections are also a major thing in social circles…. Act like you are best of friends but know inside that it is just a show… I have done that.. but I think I am finding it difficult now…. Just can’t hide.. both the attraction and the aversion….

Some might think that is cool…. but it is not… if you need to be well connected in real life you need to be able to balance and put up a show….

I will have to see how this pans up in future…. The need to live both online and in real world by splitting yourself will indeed be an experience….

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