EP 204 (141/365) People are bad just in our minds?

Whether we like it being done to us or not.. we will do it to others… judge other people… Even subconsciously…. Sometimes I feel that this is our way of interacting… We see someone or hear someone and then make a mental picture and start working on that…. then it is all upon them to change our mental picture of them and they don’t even know what it is… I sometimes feel that is bit unfair… I have a few experiences myself to share…

There has been more than a few times where my initial reading of a person went completely wrong… I am calling it reading but it might well have been me judging someone on the first sight and interaction…. I confess that I am bad at it… The interesting thing is that in almost all of these cases my initial judgement was bad… the mental image I create of the person was always negative and then later it turned to be positive… Some of them are even good acquaintances today…

I have always wondered why is it that the image of a person I just met sits in a negative shade in my mind…. Is that some kind of safety mechanism I have developed over time… Is it also costing me in any way…

Why I think of some people in a negative way is not because of anything they did to me… it was just the way they interacted…. And by Negative I am not saying totally bad… just that I put on my guard…. They become focus in my observations… I start studying them…

Over the years I have learned to overcome this to a great extend…. I make a conscious effort to take this thought head on every time it comes. I try to unwrap these bad first impressions and then use that as a lever to move the relationship forward and try better to understand that person… And it has worked….

This process took me to another interesting thought… May be every person exists in their bad self only in our minds…. Because what else is a person to you.. other than that image we have of that person in our mind… They are also not good may be.. they are just who they are…. But if we were to use mass appeal and how your image is in most people’s mind and create a certification for that.. may be then we have good and bad people.. if not they are all who they are…. Nothing good or bad… just people…

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