EP 205 (142/365) Withdrawals of a Lifestyle Change

Can we ‘Think Uninfluenced’…? what does that even mean…? before you jump into any conclusions… I need to tell you that whether we agree or not, it is very much possible that we are all influenced by many things… I am.. and the funny part is most of the influence I myself am not aware… Then the other question.. should we even Think Uninfluenced..? what benefit does that do…? Isn’t thinking itself too much effort…

Yesterday I was looking at how I consume content and news and information… Over the past two years… one thing that has been taken away from my life personally is experiences… be it travel… or group activities or observing real people…. So there is no learning on that front that would initiate a thought process in me…. The year before the Pandemic was a year of experiences for me… Unlike what I have had before..

I got the opportunity to act in a movie with a 20 day schedule.. travelled across Europe for 25 days.. travelled in India for 30 days and spoke in over 40 events… attended a literature festival and also was invited to an international press meet… All in a year… That to me is experience of a lifetime and then it all stopped.. not just that it stopped.. it also took away many other usual life experiences that we have… The only source was Internet.. books…. TV…

During this time I have been reading about the impact it has on kids and never really thought of the impact it has on adults like me…. And today as I look at it, the biggest challenge is Thinking…

The real issue is not Thinking Uninfluenced… The issue is Thinking only with the influence of other people’s experiences… This is in a way tragic…. because it makes one incomplete… And the steps to completing it is missing..

Everyone talks about Post Pandemic… And I am thinking how can I bring experiences back into life like before… During Pandemic the reality was clear in the sense, we know things are different.. but once things are opening up we need to carefully choose the experiences that matter to us… build on it and make that part of our Post Pandemic Life…. I don’t think these will come natural…. we have to put an effort till we normalize with Post pandemic…

I think it is important for us to work towards a Post Pandemic or more aptly the endemic life style… At least for me it is important.. I am currently going through the withdrawals of a lifestyle change….

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