EP 207 (144/365) Death in the Digital age

Is dying the same…. before and in this digital age…. When we die we don’t exist in the physical world… but digitally our presence is felt… one does not need to pull the album and flip through it to see our pictures… They don’t need to do anything to watch our videos… We are there now… digitally… nothing new.. the same old.. but it is us…

The other day I was having this weird idea to create 52 videos for the next year so that they will automatically post for the next whole year… every single week… Then I was thinking if I were to die in between to a lot of people who only view my videos I will be alive till the rest of the year.. it was a funny thought…

There are a few of my acquaintances who I was connected on Social media who are no more… and I sometime go to their profile and scroll through it…. even check the messages to go through the conversations I might have had with them… Life…..

I see that some people even now tag them on all sorts of annoying posts… don’t they know they are no more.. may be they don’t care.. they never knew the real person and only knew their digital identities….

To many people we are mere digital identities now… nothing else… I think dying is a bit different now in the digital age…. we don’t appear to be dead to many…. we live through our profiles which might even get updated through the tags of people for whom we were never real people but another profile… another tag friendly profile….. that does not die…

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