EP 209 (146/365) Dune the Movie

Dune… I have not read any of the books.. I have never been a great SciFi reader…. So the fact that Dune was releasing did not really excite me… I have to let you know that I have not watched any of Star Wars completely…. I know that some you might not like me for that… But I love Matrix and have watched it more than once.. So why watch Dune…? Why now?

Since I love watching movies in theaters and that I have a monthly membership deal where I can watch 3 movies every week.. I go to movies… lavishly…. I can and so I watch…

Even though I have recently picked up this habit of dozing off when the lights are gone… I watch…. I checked on Rotten Tomatoes and found that the ratings for Dune were really good.. and I had also read that the film adaptation of the book is extremely difficult and complex and it has been tried with less success before… Once tried and dropped and other time David Lynch made it and it got negative reviews.. but that was 1984..

Movie making and movie technology and what you can now accomplish in movies have all changed a lot… We also have new ways of narrating stories…. And more over it had great ratings… So why not…. why… not…?

Since I did not have a clue of the story and I am also not equipped with a SciFi taste.. I just flowed through it for much of the earlier part.. I also dozed a bit as usual but then towards the latter half I started getting a sense of what was happening… even after dozing a bit earlier and I figured that it had so many layers to it… or I felt so…

I can understand why the initial part was slow… one had to gather the audience slowly into that world… before one can take off… Also the adaptation of a SciFi book from 1965 should look not like history but the future… that is an interesting thing… Because we live in the future of what author Frank Herber lived back in 1965. And in 2021 this has to look forward…

But the movie can seem like some medieval world that exists in the Future… In fact I did not know till later that Arrakis was a separate planet and not earth… how silly of me… You must be thinking what kind of an idiot will go and watch a movie and be so clueless and then have the audacity to tell publicly how clueless he was… well this is a journal.. what else can I say…

But by the time it really started rolling after the first hour or so… you get into it… it is a mysterious world and much interesting…. With actors the like of Javier Bardem and so on…. it gets fascinating….

Now I have a question with me… Should I just wait to watch the Part-2 or start reading the book and finish it before Part-2… I have a lot of reading backlog already…. but part 2 is coming only in 2023… so may be I will read it by then…

I should also start reading some reviews and thoughts on the movie because there is a certain amount of complexity to understand the nuances of that world… the ‘why’ that is attached to many characters…. it will be fun…. If it becomes a long running franchise.. I don’t want to miss out like I did for Star Wars….

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