EP 210 (147/365) Another of those days

It has been 147 days since I started this project and today is one such day when my mind is blank…. It is not that there is nothing to write.. it is that nothing seems important enough to write… The Journal looks back at me… “should I stay or should I go” it asks me… I stare back…. I murmur “stay back… I need to think…”

How vulnerable we are at times… no past laurels can help us navigate ahead…. it is just like starting for the first time… everything is new.. but newness should be good.. right…? You can start over… nothing will hold you back.. no baggages..

But sometimes starting is different… we need baggages…. experiences… half done lives…. and an entirely blank canvas limits us… I know that thought is weird.. shouldn’t a blank canvas give you so freedom…?

I think there are two ways we get stuck.. one is where we stuck because of all the tie-ups and connections and dependencies and knowledge overload…. and so much unlearning to be done before you can move…

And the other one is where you just can’t see how and where to move… the inability see something in the vast nothingness….

For the first problem of getting stuck the solution might be to hack your way to thinking something you have never thought of and go there…

The second problem can be solved only by putting a dot in the canvas…. then another dot… and if it is writing it is one word and another work….

Am I making sense.. May be not… but that is ok.. as I said… it is just another of those days… this will also pass…

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