EP 211 (148/365) A total stranger makes your day

I know it is a cliche… you might have heard it many times over and over that a kind gesture from a total stranger can make your day… But what the heck… if it happens to you, you need to talk about it.. loud.. let people know… the world needs such news… more than ever.

Morning drive to take my son to school…. we have to go through a Two lane road in our neighborhood for just over a mile… at one of the stop signs a truck gets before me…. not just that it is a truck it also has a trolley attached behind it and so it is going slowly.

I see the truck go ahead of us and then move to a side and stop.. giving us the way to pass.. and then once I pass I look through the rear view mirror and the truck starts… slowly behind me till I lose sight of it…

May be the driver knew that it was the time for schools and people are often in a rush… He cannot guarantee that everyone will drive safely.. but he can make sure that he is not causing any extra harshness on one such driver he saw… Me… And he gave way…

The moment this happens the first question that comes to my mind is if I would do the same… I have at times and I have not some other times.. the worst is that there are also times when I have not even noticed who else is on the road… So unaware of surrounding behind the wheel is scary…

I am currently reading something on autonomous cars and I am thinking if these were both autonomous cars.. will one car give way…? may be if it can read that the car behind it might be in a hurry and if it is programmed such… may be it can.. but what if there is a second.. a third and a fourth car.. will the good samaritan car keep pulling to the side… how many times is acceptable… till its stops doing that ?

We humans make decisions for many reasons… May be someone else made that truck driver’s day before me… may be not… I will never know… but I felt good driving the rest of the day…. and thought world became a a little better place for a day.

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