EP 212 (149/365) When suddenly things change

So change is always an interesting aspect and being an Agile professional… day in and day out we talk of change…. I think that is one area we keep talking… one thing that has not changed in last few years for me…. this talking about change…. managing change to leading change and so on… but then sometimes things change so fast… nothing big… but quick…

I don’t know if you have felt this… you start a day as usual and as the pattern goes it is a pretty slow day…. and then as you settle to that slowness something cracks.. meaning someone pings you and says ‘can you help…’ and you say ‘sure….’ Why not.. anyway the day is slow for you….

You enter in and figure that there is something you need to address… contribute… help.. work… support and before you know you are on it…. An otherwise slow day has started speeding… moving and soon the day ends…. you look back and see progress made….

The question is would you like such days often… I had such a day recently.. I have had them before too… And I always think I don’t like it.. but this time I liked it… I don’t know if it was the work from home and pandemic impact… I like slow and slowness… but sometimes I think these jolts are needed… switching into an unexpected pace…. that adrenaline rush… I like it….

Working with change for so long… one thing that I have learned is that as things change around us…. we should be the person who should have time to help others… time to support others… when changes happen there is going to be a lot of scramble… everyone has to do their shit.. and no one has time…. especially for others…. and don’t be busy for the sake of it…

I have often in many places looked around and seen people race.. I am not saying it is bad… but if we don’t allow ourselves to pause and listen to ourselves it opens up so much room for error..

I have a packed week ahead… so this weekend…. in my mind I will be thinking about how all can I make my life slower by getting most things done faster….

When we get stuff done quickly life slows enough to enjoy… I know that it sounds contradicting… I don’t think so

We don’t enjoy slowness… We enjoy the time we gain after doing some things fast and efficient… Sometimes slowness needs jolts that makes us understand more about pace… instead of just being in a race….. Jolts make us think….

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