EP 213 (150/365) I should not have done this

When pandemic hit we were all in a position of uncertainty and the immediate goal was to ensure how we can make things better for ourselves… what many of us… or at least I did not think was of many other people who were less privileged than me…. I have spoken and written about how I understood privilege… but before that I have been a real prick.. and I regret..

I don’t remember the exact month and we thought we will order food from outside… we wanted dinner.. we thought it might be better to call in the afternoon and give the order… Now thinking about it I have no idea why I did that… Ordering so early…

We place the order and after half hour we get a call from the restaurant that the food is ready… “It must be a confusion”… I say “I wanted it for Dinner”…. The person said no you ordered during noon…

I tried to explain to the person on phone that it is not for now but for dinner and the person replied that they can’t do much and that it will go waste and he also sounded rude… I again repeated myself and now my sound was also changed… He said that it does not make sense because people order for dinner in the evening…

I got into my bad gear and said I need to speak to the manager and so on… but then I kept the phone down… I wrote the same on online public comments section somwhere.

After a few minutes it dawned on me… how inconsiderate of me.. I had the privilege to work from home and order food where as the man on the phone did not… he had to work… and this was when the pandemic was raging and no one had been vaccinated if I remember correct….

There would be so much pressure on people working that time and I was this inconsiderate prick who did not care for others… And whose fault was it…. purely mine…. I might have said it is for dinner.. but I called at 12:30 PM which is Lunch time…. They might have thought I will order now and then eat for dinner.. and that is none of their concern… I expected that just by saying dinner they should have understood that I need it in the evening… how can they….?

I was ashamed and also felt guilty.. called in and apologized… I should not have done that… I have no right to judge people and blame others…. and especially at a time like Pandemic.. I had to be considerate…

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