EP 214 (151/365) Crappy starts and consistency

We all can fall into this trap of not able to start on something. Sometimes it is because we are planning for everything to be perfect before we can start. I believe in starting crappy and then becoming consistent.

Consistency is a path to improvement… I am not saying consistently be crappy… What I mean is if we want to get better at something we need to do it regularly… be it workout or podcast or writing or anything… As we do things consistently we get better… there can still be things you do crappy… but our start need not be perfect… in my opinion it can never be…

Yesterday I put a Video on my YouTube Channel about a 48 Hours Rule that I have… For me if any idea comes up in my mind I give myself 48 Hours to act upon it.. This helps me focus on what is important… Sometimes when I start acting on something I get to know more about it.. I might even decide not to pursue it… Because Just analyzing and deliberating without acting on it won’t get us far enough… We will end up not doing it nor discarding it… Here is that Video

I have been doing this exercise of writing and podcasting for the past 151 days continuously.. I am not sure if I have gotten better this way.. but the process has become easier… I still have days when it gets tough and nothing comes up in my mind.. just like one of these recent days last week… but still I push myself… Not perfect but even crappy.. get it out….

My goal is pretty simple… be consistent.. do this continuously for 365 days…. even if I am stuck on a day… I will push myself to get something out… My take is after 365 days… I should be able to get better than when I started this exercise..

What if I don’t get better..? or don’t feel I have not gotten any better…? Well then may be I will stop… I can always find other things to try…. The world does not end..

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