EP 219 (156/365) What makes Work enjoyable?

Work can be enjoyable but work can also be a drudgery… and the fact is that not everyone in this world is privileged to enjoy their work… Some jobs are not humanely enjoyable… So if we need to talk about what makes work enjoyable then we can only do it by acknowledging our privilege to even think that work can be enjoyable…

I personally think people make a work enjoyable.. people… The beauty about people is that even the work that is a drudgery…. is made bearable by people… people give hope and meaning to other people…

And after people comes everything else… at least for me… accomplishment… money…. the actual work I do…. everything else..

People make people leave their job as well….. I am not saying that if people are all good and the work sucks they won’t leave…. What I mean is even if the work is great and people you work with are no good.. we all will look for other jobs…

So what makes work enjoyable? or let us think what we can do to make work enjoyable…. My approach is to build great relationships with people.. Be there for others… Be a mentor.. be a sounding board… just be there.. listen.. talk.. connect.. collaborate.. be honest… I know… everyone knows these things… but the real thing is no many people do it… if you have been in the work force you can know that this is not that common to see…. You find a lot of people on thread mills going now where….

We are day in and day out forgetting that we are people at home.. on the streets.. at work…. in the society…. that we all have our good and bad days… who else is going to be there if we are not there for each other…

But how does all this make work enjoyable..? It does because you start focussing on the more important thing at work.. people…. and people are not just single roles.. people are those you work with.. those you work for and those who work with you… all are in the same boat.. that is what makes work enjoyable… at least for me…

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